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Debra Faircloth

October, 2011 (Alexandria Town Talk)

School Workshop & Drawing Demonstration: If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour

Writer Debra Faircloth and artist Lacey Stinson spoke Monday to more than 100 6th-grade students as part of Pollock Elementary’s School to Work program.  Faircloth and Stinson have pooled their complimentary talents to create the first in a series of children’s books, If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour.  Although If I Were a Cat has not been officially launched, Stinson’s original illustrations for Cat will be exhibited this October at d.o.c.s. Gallery in New Orleans during Art for Art’s Sake, one of the biggest events on the New Orleans cultural calendar.

Both artist and writer have a busy fall ahead.  Stinson is currently painting a 30’ x 60’ outdoor mural in Bernice.  Faircloth will present “Hands Are Not for Hitting:  Family Violence and Louisiana’s Children” at the state conference of early childhood educators in Alexandria in late October., Stinson’s website, provides more information about their work.

Writer Debra Faircloth and artist Lacey Stinson present teachers Garza and Monroe a copy of If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour, a donation to the Pollock Elementary School Library.

Cover_Cat - 01.jpg

The scope of this show marks a departure from Lacey Stinson's traditional work. Here he has created warm, playful, & softly detailed drawings of inventive little worlds & of winsome little animals intended to dress the pages of books.  Stinson has collaborated with short story writer Debra Faircloth & poet Ben Rogers.  The pieces in this show are original renderings made for two published works--a poetry chapbook, Small Potatoes, & a children’s book, If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour.

These are the core graphite-on-paper drawings which were then enhanced by computer to create finished book illustrations.  Book design & illustration are an outgrowth of Stinson’s extensive history of drawing & painting.  These works represent one more direction in an already varied repertoire.


d.o.c.s. Gallery
709 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 524-3936

Opening Reception

October 1, 2011, 6-9pm

See some of the drawings which will appear in the exhibit by visiting

An exhibition
of illustrations

Selected works from If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour & Small  Potatoes.

More about If I Were a Cat...

Dry Prong native Debra Faircloth and Ruston resident Lacey Stinson were named Artists of the Year by the North Central Louisiana Arts Council at a Dixie Theatre ceremony December 15 in Ruston.  The award was given in recognition of their collaboration on the children’s book, If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour.

“Both Lacey and I are touched by this recognition of our work,” said Faircloth.  “At first glance it may not seem like it, but we both put a massive amount of work into If I Were a Cat.  People frequently underestimate children’s books.  Ours is only 32 pages long, but it represents several hundred hours of work both in the original draft and in polishing the final copy.  We labored over every aspect of our little book from content to overall book design.  You wouldn’t believe the hours we spent just choosing the perfect font.”

p28 - If I Were a Cat.jpg

December 2011  (Colfax Chronicle)

Faircloth and Stinson named Artists of the Year for their brilliant collaboration, If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour.

If I Were a Cat reflects the love both artist and writer have for animals.  Faircloth has kept Scottish Terriers since she was in graduate school, and both she and Stinson have been involved in animal rescue.  A gray bottle-fed tabby named Pip is Stinson’s constant companion.  “Pip insists on sitting in my lap even while I draw,” he said.

“Although we intended If I Were a Cat to be a children’s book,” said the artist, “many of the people who’ve purchased it are cat lovers.  They’ve bought it for the art.”

The creation of If I Were a Cat was not only an imaginative exercise in storytelling; it also provided an opportunity for Stinson to practice what he does best, to create expressive drawings in the fine art tradition.  Reflective of considerable skill and anatomical knowledge, all of the drawings come solely from the imagination of the artist and are characterized by challenging foreshortened perspectives.  “I marvel at Lacey’s intuitive understanding of animal musculature.  He excels at rendering his subjects in the most difficult angles possible,” said Faircloth.

The original drawings which make up the book were recently shown at d.o.c.s. Gallery in New Orleans.  They’ll be exhibited once again at the Schepis Museum in Columbia, January and February, 2012.  Faircloth and Stinson plan to involve local students in writing and drawing projects while their pieces are on display.  “We want to use If I Were a Cat as an opportunity to jump-start creative impulses in children,” said Stinson.  “Writing and drawing are invaluable resources they can tap into for the rest of their lives.”

Artist and writer are currently putting the finishing touches on a second children’s book, Doodles: One Dog’s Adventures in Story and Song, while also collaborating on a third children’s book involving cats and dogs.  “What happens when you mix Scotties and kittens and Christmas ornaments?” said Faircloth.  “The short answer is chaos.  Our latest effort pays homage to the classic Hans Christian Anderson story The Steadfast Tin Soldier, except our treatment has a happy ending.”

Not yet available in general distribution, copies of If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour can be purchased at the Schepis during the show.  For more information, please visit the online web sites and

This page from the book features model Breanna Nettles of Dry Prong.

One dog’s adventures in story and song


In the works:

Grits & Gravy, a Journal of Southern Writings

for emerging writers & artists.

Dancing Scots is a growing grassroots enterprise dedicated to producing high quality books, journals, children’s books, art books, & fine art for a culturally appreciative audience.

We currently have 2 children’s books in print (we will make them available for sale here soon). We have several more children’s titles in various draft stages. We’ll bring more to you in time as the Dancing Scots project grows.

Children’s Books

In cooperation with Ponderosa Press and Ben Rogers, we have designed and printed 5 chapbooks with several more in the works. Each is designed and put together to be a work of poetry and art. These chapbooks are part of a wider collection of works intended to be a fusion of visual art and the art of wordsmithing, poetry, and prose. These are nice things to own.

Poetry Chapbooks

We will be making cards and prints which will for sale here. Examples might be a collection of prints from the Small Worlds exhibit, or from the If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour exhibit.

Greeting Cards

In the Everything Else category we will have those art & design items that strike our interest (& hopefully yours too), things that start our mornings, & anything just too cool to pass by.

We plan to start a blog where students and other contributors will be able to upload their own designs and stories, ask questions, present ideas, or simply imagine what might be.

Original Designs

The southern gothic short stories by Debra Faircloth, described as down-home Dixie writing, will soon be printed by Dancing Scots.


NCLAC Artists of the Year Award
If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour
drawing, painting, muraling of Lacey Stinson
poetry, music, theatre
a new journal of Southern writings
writer, editor, wordsmith

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If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour

March 1, 2012

Margaret Media, Inc.
Donaldsonville, Louisiana
(225) 473.9319

EBook Design and Production by
Nobbee Books, LLC
Metairie, Louisiana

Copyright © 2014 by Debra Faircloth
E-ISBN:  978-09855686-8-9
Crack Shot (story excerpt)

Her name was Grace, but they called her Peachie. Nobody knew exactly why. The boys said it was because when she was a girl, she liked to shinny up the blighted old tree in her back yard and eat the peaches straight off the branches—fuzz, rot, worms, and all. “I bet she could eat a worm,” they said in admiration. None of this they knew for sure. It was part of the legend surrounding Peachie which they were building for themselves.

Cover by Lacey Stinson, a noted North Louisiana
artist known chiefly for his drawings and oil
landscapes. His studio is in Hilly, outside of Ruston.

NOW AVAILABLE  from  Margaret Media, Inc.

[It’s also available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.]

“The Fifth Guest and other Louisiana Stories” is a well-written, appealing collection of short stories that deal with universal topics like mental illness, and family violence. Ms. Faircloth most adeptly develops her characters with such psychological realism that readers, male and female, and across generations, will be engaged.

 – Jeffrey J. Walczyk, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Louisiana Tech University.

The Crazy, Colorful South Comes Alive

Debra Faircloth is the quintessential southern writer, Her wildly colorful names ("St. Dymphna Correctional Facility for Irrational Women"), characters ("Bood Whitecotton") , and descriptions ("He played a jagged tune on a broken guitar and sang about fast women with shingle-bob haircuts and red dresses.") draw the reader in, captivating us before we have even gotten a chance to digest the finely-spun tales of teetotalers and drunks, religious fever and family violence, strong southern women and stricken southern men. I giggled and grinned, gasped and wept. You must read Ms. Faircloth's work. Coming from the speeding ticket capital of Louisiana, Dry Prong, she certainly "get it natural," as we like to say down here.

 – Terrie Queen Autrey ( Review)

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