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Book Cover - The Fifth Guest and Other Louisiana Stories

NOW AVAILABLE  from  Margaret Media, Inc.

[It’s also available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.]

Cover by Lacey Stinson, a noted North Louisiana artist known chiefly for his drawings and oil landscapes. His studio is in Hilly, outside of Ruston.

Margaret Media, Inc.
Donaldsonville, Louisiana
(225) 473.9319

Copyright © 2014 by Debra Faircloth
E-ISBN:  978-09855686-8-9

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Debra Faircloth

The Crazy, Colorful South Comes Alive

Debra Faircloth is the quintessential southern writer, Her wildly colorful names ("St. Dymphna Correctional Facility for Irrational Women"), characters ("Bood Whitecotton") , and descriptions ("He played a jagged tune on a broken guitar and sang about fast women with shingle-bob haircuts and red dresses.") draw the reader in, captivating us before we have even gotten a chance to digest the finely-spun tales of teetotalers and drunks, religious fever and family violence, strong southern women and stricken southern men. I giggled and grinned, gasped and wept. You must read Ms. Faircloth's work. Coming from the speeding ticket capital of Louisiana, Dry Prong, she certainly "get it natural," as we like to say down here.

 – Terrie Queen Autrey ( Review)

Visit Debra Faircloth’s web site for more information.

Debra Faircloth & Summer Hammons speak to KNOE in Monroe, Louisiana about the Health Care Siminar at the Arbor & Terrace in Ruston, Louisiana.

Interview with Russell Perkle’s Q&Art Blog with NCLAC (North Central Louisiana Arts Coucil):  Video & Text

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